Hilfe beim Navigieren in der Arbeitswelt

Direktes Feedback zu den Übungen der Berufsnaivgation auf der Fairwork Homepage

Feedback aus Tschechien und der Slowakei

“Navigating in search of a profession (orig. Berufsnavigation) is resource-oriented career counselling. This specific approach was created by Thomas Diener from Switzerland. In 2006 T. Diener established cooperation with the Institute of Process Oriented Psychology in Slovakia. And in 2007 the first run of systematic training with one year duration was started. This approach specifies not only what the client is capable of, what his/her potential is, but it extends its focus to the level of an incentive. It tries to figure out what the best professions are in which the client will feel comfortable according to his/her personality traits and personal motivation preferences. It uses different creative procedures in decision-making process in matters of career and life planning, and also “soft" factors (dreams, wishes, desires, etc.). Very important is the work with movement, space and feelings. It is primarily a creative process which contains three phases: 1. Incubation, 2. Inspiration, 3. Realization. Some of the used techniques are: interviews, coaching, role playing, creative exercises, art expressions, etc. This method is suitable for all people regardless of age, who would like their work to be meaningful and related to their life.”
NATIONAL SURVEYS Innovative Tools and Methods in Career Guidance and Counselling Cross Border Seminar 17-18 May 2011 Budapest

“On a 2 Day workshop our vocational guidance counselor got a introduction in the methodology of "Berufsnavigation" from Thomas Diener. They experienced this modern and creative approach as very useful for the development of vocational guidance in Czech Republic. Especially with regard to the changes in the labor marked in direction of more flexibility and greater variety. To establish "Berufsnavigation" could be a contribution to the further development of the civil society in Czech Republic”
Magda Šustrová, Kariérové a psychologické poradenství pro studenty Institut eloživotního vzdelávání VUT v Brne

“Thomas is one of the most inspiring professionals I have ever met. Watching his work with poeple and taking a part in his trainings has strongly contributed to my decision to focus more on career counseling and coaching. Thomas can help people re-find the energy from their old dreams and invest it into practical daily steps in their current life.”
Aneta Peromingo, Consultant, Euroguidance centre, SAAIC, Bratislava

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